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An essential upgrade of SAP will require a one-week shutdown of the Vendor Management System, starting at 6:00 pm ET on Friday, December 8, and through 6:00 pm ET on Friday, December 15.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

The World Bank Group's procurement process is guided by the principles of transparency, fairness, competition, and best value. As a vendor you need to understand the policies and procedures that you must adhere to in order to do business with us.

All parties interested in conducting business with the World Bank Group must go through a Vendor Registration process where possible financial, conflict of interest and/or contractual risk considerations are reviewed and is confirmed that the firm conforms to the Vendor Eligibility Policy.

To become a new World Bank Group Registered Vendor, you must be invited to complete a Vendor Registration form, meet all eligibility requirements, and provide any required supporting documentation. Vendors that have been determined eligible, and that have successfully completed the registration process will receive a notification from the World Bank Group with their Vendor Identification Number (VIN).

Before qualifying to receive a contract or purchase order award from the World Bank Group, your company must be a registered World Bank Group vendor.

We recommend you take time to review all associated documents, especially those related to vendor eligibility.